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Info-graph : All about voice assistants & its gaining popularity

Needless to say, it is the fueling trend in the world of technology.

Users are looking for more friendly devices which will take less of their time and function more efficiently.Voice assistant is there for you, to perform various kinds of action soon after hearing wake- word. It just listens to its wake word and starts communicating with a server for performing the task. Simply ask them about the weather or call someone from your phonebook, it can do everything for you.

Things that can be operated by voice assistants

  • Smart phones
  • Smart speakers
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Mobile applications
  • cars
  • Retail business
  • Healthcare department
  • Educational institution

Know your popular voice assistants

  • Siri by Apple, introduced in 2011.
  • Google Assistant by Google Home, introduced in 2016
  • Alexa by Amazon, introduced in 2014
  • Bixby by Samsung, introduced in 2017
  • Watson by IBM, introduced in 2011
  • Cortana by Microsoft, introduced in 2014
  • Nina by Nuance, introduced in 2012

Location based popularity, according to Voicebot Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report, January 2018

  • 36.8% at bedroom
  • 45.9 % at living room
  • 41.4% in the kitchen
  • 5.9% in Bathroom
  • 4.6% in the Dining area
  • 5.9 % in the garage
  • 10.9 % at home office
  • 2.7% at work office

According to the survey conducted by Pew Research Center, in the year May 2017, almost half of the adults in the United States of America make use of this Digital assistants on their smartphones, as well as other devices. The graph is as followed-

  • 46 % adults use Digital voice assistants.
  • 42 % adults use on their smartphones
  • 14% adults use on computers or tablets
  • 8% adults use on stand -alone devices, like Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • 3 % adults use on other devices.

Average usage of voice assistants-

Adobe Analytics claims-

  • 71 % of smart speaker owners like Amazon Echo and Google Home everyday
  • 44 % use then multiple times everyday
  • 76 % of owners of smart speaker increased the usage of voice assistants since last year.

Where the future lies-

  • Get tailored information- Not just generic information, user will get information even on personal experience.
  • Offer individual voice detection facility- Continue to recognize individual voices for more than one people and answer accordingly.
  • Able to use it on various other devices- Soon customer will be able to access it beyond smartphones and talk to cars and other home appliances.
  • Increased popularity for voice search technology- voice search technology will become the main stream of search option for most of the brand. Maximum user will be using it.
  • Voice notification for new messages- mobile apps will soon introduce voice notification facility for informing user about new software update or any other services, thus gaining their attention.
  • Security will be the primary concern- speaker’s identity will be the primary focus for securing privacy of the User, particularly for making voice payments, so that user can continue purchasing without worrying much.


Info Graph:

voice assistants infographic



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